New Haven Connecticut Apartments
Apartment House in New Haven, CT

We often get asked how many shipping container building projects have we designed. We finally pulled together a list that may miss a couple of projects, but is pretty much all inclusive. They are listed by date, project name, and city. We’ve put links to projects that we have web posts for, we’ll be adding to that over time.

The Projects:

2024 Boris Henson Pavillion at Bennett University Greensboro, NC
2024 Phoenix Cooling Station Phoenix, AZ
2024 Merit Park Detroit, MI
2024 SB Chill Phoenix, AZ
2024 SB2 Phoenix, AZ
2024 Sparkbox Transam Phoenix, AZ
2024 Cool Tower Phoenix, AZ
2024 20 Foot Office Container Phoenix, AZ
2024 Steel and Spark WWHQ Phoenix, AZ
2023 Boris Henson Pavillion at Hampton University Hampton, VA
2023 Core Ready Mix Casa Grande, AZ
2023 Royal Container Fort Wayne, IN
2023 Pool House Scottsdale, AZ
2023 Family Promise Glendale, AZ
2023 Eddie’s Food and Drink San Luis, AZ
2023 Los Alamos Restrooms Los Alamos, NM
2023 Vivablox Living Unit Tucson, AZ
2023 Silver Bay House Silver Bay, MN
2023 City of Phoenix Navigation Center Phoenix, AZ
2023 Boris Henson Pavillion, Alabama State Univ. Montgomery, AL
2022 Wilmot Modular Solar Panel and Office Whitemarsh, MD
2022 Prime Kitchen Atlanta, GA
2022 Hatfield TWP Fire Training Facility Hatfield TWP, PA
2022 Atlanta Star Plumbing Smyrna, GA
2022 Allene Avenue Atlanta, GA
2022 Project Gateway Detroit, MI
2022 Vinnie Ha Ha House Fort Atkinson, WI
2022 Navarez Residence Phoenix, AZ
2022 The Oscar Mixed Use Phoenix, AZ
2021 Valente Residence Buckeye, AZ
2021 Fire Trainer Orlando, FL
2020 Art2Park Orlando, FL
2020 Ida on McKinley Mixed Use Phoenix, AZ
2019 Ulums Multi-Family Tempe, AZ
2019 Container Coffee Shop Pittston, PA
2019 Residence, East 35th Street Houston, TX
2019 Container Fab Shop Whitemarsh, MD
2019 High Point Fire Training Bldg High Point, NC
2018 53 Foot Portable Generator Building Detroit, MI
2018 Solar Power Tranformer Building Chile
2018 Artist Studio Mt. Rainier, MD
2017 16’x40′ Office Saskatoon, SK
2017 Inland Office Regina, SK
2017 Lloyd Minister Office Lloyd Minister, AB
2016 The Oscar Mixed Use Phoenix, AZ
2015 ES Israel Multi Use Tel Aviv, Israel
2015 New Alta Office Fort Mc Murray, AB
2015 Nexgen Construction Kitchen Pattison Lake, SK
2014 SeaCon Student Housing Washington, DC
2014 US Navy Fire Training Facility Guam, USA
2014 Office Facility Enbridge, AB
2014 Nuclear Storage Alberta
2014 Lehigh Cement Calgary, AB
2014 Triple Container Man Camp Turtleford, SK
2013 Police and Military Training Modules USA
2013 Deutsch Brewing Tech, Charlotte, NC
2012 Broad Meadow Apartments New Haven, CT
2010 MuTC Hotel Simulation Facility Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, IN
2010 New Haven, CT Residence New Haven, CT
2009 440 Gartrell Street Residence Atlanta, GA
2009 USAF NAESC HSTL II CIED Village Fort Dix, NJ
2007 442 Gartrell Street Residence Atlanta, GA