Reliable Structural Engineering Since 2000

Runkle Consulting, Inc has been providing structural engineering services since 2000.

We were founded in 2000 by George W. Runkle III, PE. At the time, we provided third party inspection services to home builders in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. We began providing engineering services as well, such as retaining wall design, wood frame design, and we branched into light commercial work.

Mr. Runkle was an Air Force Reservist and was called to active duty in the Middle East and Central Asia three times after 9/11.

Upon return from the Middle East in 2002, Mr. Runkle came back to a dead business and had to restart. Atlas Piers of Atlanta contacted us for engineering services to help us get back on our feet, and from then on, we began to provide engineering services for foundation and then building failures.

In Central Asia (Uzbekistan) in 2002, Mr. Runkle (at the time Lt. Col. Runkle) worked with shipping containers as a building material. Little did we realize where this would bring us.

In the meantime, our company branched out into the government/commercial sector, providing engineering services to contractors in preparing shop drawings for building exterior treatments.

In 2007, we designed our first shipping container building in Atlanta. At that point, we began designing buildings made from shipping containers throughout the US, Canada, South America, the Caribbean, and Israel.

Now the company is primarily involved in three areas:

  • 1 Building Cladding Design – We work with contractors installing ACM and metal panels, aluminum storefronts and windows, and cold-formed steel in preparing engineered shop drawings.
  • 2 Forensic and Repair Engineering – we work primarily with homeowners in assisting them with repairing foundations and other structural problems.
  • 3 Shipping container building design – we work with a number of companies to provide structural design for buildings made from shipping containers.
Runkle Consulting