Expert Witness Services

Unfortunately, problems develop in construction that requires going to mediation, arbitration, or court. When you are in dispute, either as a plaintiff or defendant, you need to have a technical expert that can analyze what has happened and give your attorney guidance as to the extent of the problem and who may be at fault.

Sometimes the party at fault maybe you, and in such case, you need to know before you go forward into any resolution to avoid paying out more than you should.

Beyond technical expertise, being an expert witness requires the ability to communicate effectively. This must be done in writing and verbally.

Testimony in court or arbitration can be intimidating, and a good attorney can trip up a witness. The same goes for depositions, they can be as difficult, or more so, than going to court.

We have testified in court and arbitration numerous times for both defendant and plaintiff sides. We have learned to communicate properly and effectively, not just in writing, but in our testimony too. Our principal engineer, George Runkle, has studied Forensic Engineering at Columbia University, New York, and has years of experience in providing technical expertise for legal matters.

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