This shipping container apartment complex was challenging because it was located in a coastal flood zone and a high wind area in New Haven, CT. It sets up above the ground about 10 feet. This added a bit of complexity for stability of the foundations and the walls supporting the building.

The developer of this project built it before our SeaCon project in Washington DC. SeaCon differed in that the developer of that project built it specifically as student housing. The apartments share a common kitchen on each level. The developer here built these as complete apartments, with their own kitchens, bathrooms and so on.

Also, note here that we constructed this with used containers. Some owners prefer the new “one trip” containers. I personally like the look of the used ones in this application.

Note how the building is elevated on concrete columns and walls.
Lifting the units into place
All the containers are in place in the shipping container apartment complex. Work remains on finishing out the building (putting in interior walls, mechanical, electric and plumbing, and windows).