The Architect on this project was Travis Price Architects, and we (Runkle Consulting, Inc) were the Structural Engineers. The project is a three story apartment building built for student housing near Catholic University. It was challenging for us because it was such a short time frame. We started design in March, and the project was complete in September. It’s difficult to get a project designed and permitted in a major city in that period of time, much less complete construction.

We were able to do our part of the design fairly quickly by working in Travis Price’s DC office in the first few weeks. Because of that we had easy coordination and instant feedback. Kelly Davies (the Project Architect) expedited the permit process by physically walking everything through. Because of the time pressure, we also had to respond quickly. For example, one memorable morning Mr. Runkle had to generate a letter and forward it to Ms. Davies from the bus station in Binghamton, NY.

The end product was a very beautiful building.