This is one of our latest designs. It’s an existing cabin that the owner is putting an addtion around it made from shipping containers. In this design, I’m not touching the existing structure for the most part. The only modification I am doing to the existing structure is adding a beam in the basement. The beam is to carry the load from the roof and walkway. We’ve mixed a modern approach (shipping containers) with a rustic look (tree trunks as beams supporting the roof.

The Architect modified the containers without taking away the strength in them. By doing this, I didn’t have to add any interim supports under the containers. I also didn’t need to do any modifications between the containers to carry the loads.

The owner/architect is Kelly Davies Grace AIA of Travis Price Architects. Kelly was the project architect on the SeaCon project that we did in Washingtion, DC. That is a three story student housing apartment complex. The developer built it outside of Catholic University with repurposed shipping containers.