Most of the time the waste lines in a container building work by gravity. Basically on the principle that water and…well other stuff go downhill. It presents a lot of challenges in shipping containers to keep all the waste pipes at a decent slope. In this earlier video I talk about the challenges. On this recent project we didn’t have a sewer to connect to. So, we had to pump into a holding tank. This caused us to use pressurized waste in a container building. To my surprise, it solved a lot of other problems. In my video I go through it.

It turns out that pressurized waste in a shipping container building can actually be an easy installation compared to trying to thread a gravity waste system that complies with Code. If you use gravity systems, trying to work a waste line under the container can be a problem. You don’t have a whole lot of room to put the slope you need in the bottom cross members. To make this work, you need to put the containers on the ground level up on a crawl space. If you go up several stories, you have to stack all of your bathrooms and other plumbing fixtures.

So, check out the video below and I’ll explain in much more detail.