Repairing the Failures Back to Perfection

Unfortunately, buildings fail. Sometimes it is bad construction, sometimes it is natural disasters or fires, and other times it is damage that ill-advised modifications cause. We have been investigating failures in buildings and guiding repair since 2002. In a count that we did through our database a few years back, we counted over 5000 projects of various sizes that we guided for. Most of these are small residential foundation failures, which take pride in our ability to save homeowners significant amounts of money.

Since we do not do the repairs ourselves, it is not in our interest to recommend repairs beyond what is necessary.

In many cases, even if there is damage to the building, it is not cost-effective to repair it beyond cosmetic repairs. In such instances, we will provide options to the owner with the pros and cons of the different solutions.

In addition to foundation failures, we provide guidance for repairs due to other structural failures from poor construction, natural disasters, or fires.

We also assist homebuyers in the evaluation of suspected structural problems in houses being considered for purchase and helping with insurance claims.

While our focus for failure repair is the residential market, we also have provided guidance and design for the repair of commercial buildings and multi-family dwellings.

Runkle Consulting